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Every family is different. Every home has its unique reason for existing.

Besides the obvious first solution (usually the one a contractor has already priced-out because he's done exactly the same thing for another family) there could be hundreds of other ideas to be explored before arriving at the perfect one for you. It's a necessary part of the creative architectural process and one that we take seriously. Here's how we do it:

  • Start with a FREE 1-hour project consultation to review your wants, needs, and plans for the project.
  • Review a proposal and process to create some design options, obtain preliminary pricing (from a contractor), and select the process that works for you to get the project completed.
  • Typically, LSF Design will provide 2-3 design options, either by hand, using sketch-up (3D visualization) or Revit (BIM - Building Information Modeling).
  • Meet to review the options, pick and choose what you like best.
  • Create one final option with enough information to obtain preliminary pricing from a single or short-list of contractors.
  • review the pricing, proceed to create blueprints and product selections to obtain a building permit, final pricing, and start to build.

A Chicago restaurant family enters Food Court business.


Tony hired me to pick-up the pieces where another architect left him in the lurch. Clock was ticking to finalize the design, engineering and obtain and a myriad of permits and approvals....He opened on-time under budget as one of the first four tenants in the newly renovated Southdale Mall food court. (w/ VAB)

Banker family builds a lake home for generations.


This multi-generational family wanted to replace their small cabin with a new home. I secured seven (7) variances, turning a 400sf sliver of buildable area into room for a 4,000+sf home, garage, pool and hot-tub and a renovated the guest cabin on the property. (The arch roofed patio frames a view of the lake from the master bedroom)